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Backyard Paradise How to Open Your Pool for Spring in Houston, TX

As the warmer spring weather arrives, it’s likely you’ll want to get back to using your swimming pool again.  While you’ll undoubtedly be eager to dive right in, it’s important to take the time to conduct a proper pool opening.  In this article, we’ll explain how to properly open your pool for spring here in… Read More

Backyard Paradise Do I Need Planning Permission for a Pool in Texas?

Having a swimming pool built in your backyard is always an exciting experience, especially when the design and build are customized specifically to your unique needs and preferences.  Furthermore, here in Texas, they’re a great way to relax and escape the intense, sweltering heat that the summer months can bring. However, it’s worth noting that… Read More

Backyard Paradise Fall Pool Care and Maintenance Guide

During fall, it’s likely that you’ll use your backyard pool less often compared with the summer months. As the temperature drops, most people will want to get warm and cozy inside rather than spend time splashing around in their pool. However, it’s still important to take care of pool maintenance during fall in order to… Read More

Backyard Paradise What Are the Most Common Pool Heater Error Codes?

Having a pool heater installed with your backyard pool can provide it with a whole host of benefits. Keeping your pool’s water at a comfortable temperature allows it to be used all year round, even when the colder months arrive.Typically, pool heaters offer great longevity and are fairly long-lasting.  However, from time to time, you… Read More

Backyard Paradise 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home with a Pool

The thought of relaxing by the water on a hot summer’s day or hosting poolside parties is very appealing, and owning a home with a pool can be a dream come true for many. If you are looking to move properties and are interested in buying a home with a pool, there are several important… Read More


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