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Getting your pool ready for winter

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  • Safe swimming after cold winter months
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Swimming Pool Winterizing The Woodlands, Spring & Montgomery

Winterizing is an important process for all swimming pools so that they can be used to their full potential all year round. This work must be carried out by a trained expert to ensure it meets the industry standards and no harm is done to the pool.

Here at Backyard Paradise Luxury Pools, we take care of the winterizing process for all swimming pool owners throughout South East Texas including The Woodlands, Spring, Montgomery and across Greater Houston.  

We facilitate every step of winterizing an inground pool. This includes ensuring the right chemicals are in place and draining your pool to the appropriate level.

This means that when the colder weather disappears, your pool is ready for you to enjoy once again without you having to lift a finger.   

how to winterize a swimming pool

Swimming Pool Winterizing 

Backyard Paradise Luxury Pools, can advise you on the best winterizing pool techniques that will keep your pool or spa in the best condition. It’s important that your water continues to flow smoothly during these months, keeping it circulating through the entire pool and water features. Plus, if you have a heater, it’s worth turning this on and running it consistently during these times. 

How to winterize a swimming pool

Sometimes, winter storms can cause your property to lose power. If this is the case, follow these steps:

  • Turn off all power from your breaker box by the pool equipment 
  • Open the air relief valve on the filter to release water 
  • Unscrew and open the lids on any pumps
  • Unscrew both drain plugs on the bottom of your pumps
  • If you have a de-filter, pull up the push/pull valve and unscrew the drain plugs in the backwash line
  • For inline chlorinators, remove the lid and unscrew the drain plug
  • Unscrew the wing nut under the front header of your heaters 
  • Remove drain plugs that are located on the front of Polaris booster pumps
  • Drain any other equipment that holds water 

Once you’re ready to use your pool again after winter, be sure to replace all drain plugs, fill up your pumps with a water hose, and turn on all pool equipment. Switch on the pumps one at a time to allow them to effectively get back to their best after a period of downtime.  

Winterizing a pool is the best way to ensure your pool does not become neglected over the winter months or that any equipment is damaged during a freeze. This work should be carried out by a professional, so contact Backyard Paradise Luxury Pools today and we’ll take care of the pool winterizing process for you. 

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