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Backyard Paradise The Best Water Features to Enhance Your Pool 

Backyard pools provide properties with a whole host of advantages. They offer you a place to socialize, relax and make memories with loved ones, and can be tailored specifically to your property and lifestyle.  In addition to its design, there is also a range of stunning water features that can be added to your pool,… Read More

Backyard Paradise A Deep Dive Into Pool Permits

Having a swimming pool built in your backyard is always an exciting experience. Images of pool parties, relaxing by your pool, and spending time making memories with loved ones are likely to spring to mind, but before you get to this stage of enjoyment, it’s likely that you’ll first need to apply for a pool… Read More

Backyard Paradise Making a Safe Splash: Pool Safety Tips

As we enter the summer season, families are gearing up to enjoy some fun and relaxation by the pool during the summer break. While swimming can be a great source of entertainment and exercise, it’s crucial to prioritize safety, especially when young children are involved. In this article, we will discuss essential pool safety tips… Read More

Backyard Paradise 5 Things to Consider When Buying a Home with a Pool

The thought of relaxing by the water on a hot summer’s day or hosting poolside parties is very appealing, and owning a home with a pool can be a dream come true for many. If you are looking to move properties and are interested in buying a home with a pool, there are several important… Read More

Backyard Paradise Should you be concerned about rainwater in your pool?

Your swimming pool is a perfect balance of chemical composition and optimal pH levels – and it’s this balance that guarantees you a safe and pleasant swim every time.  So, should you be concerned about rainwater in your pool? Can it alter the composition, or even the cleanliness, of the water? And what can you… Read More

Backyard Paradise 5 Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Swimming Pool

With summer fast approaching, what better time to prepare your pool for the warm weather ahead? Spring cleaning your backyard pool is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Neglected pools can become a breeding ground for bacteria, making it potentially harmful to swim in — not to mention unappealing to look at.… Read More

Backyard Paradise Logo

The team here at Backyard Paradise would like to welcome you to our brand new blog page. This will feature regular posts updating readers on the latest news and advice from our company, as well as the wider industry. Check back here regularly to have a read through the latest posts we’ve been sharing –… Read More

Frequently asked questions

How much do swimming pools cost?

There are a ton of variables from size and depth of your pool, utility runs, access for excavation to materials the client selects, elevation or slope of your yard and even location of your house which can determine permitting costs. Every design is unique to that yard. Pools can range from $60K to over $1 million.

I have multiple quotes, why are they all so different in price?

There are many things that can cause quotes on similar pools to be vastly different. Equipment, size of plumbing, materials used, etc… If you receive a quote that is glaringly lower than the rest, proceed with caution. A lot of times builders will advertise very low pricing as a bait and switch or include “base” items in the quote. For example, a quote may say that it includes 100’ of plumbing or electrical and in reality you could have 450’ of electrical. Companies cut costs by sacrificing quality and taking shortcuts. While the pool appears cheaper up front, the cost of ownership and maintenance will be much higher over the life of your pool. You truly get what you pay for in this situation.

Is there a warranty on my pool?

Any reputable builder will provide you with a written warranty. Do not accept anything verbally and review the warranty section. It is a huge investment, so do not be afraid to ask questions for clarification. Backyard Paradise Luxury Pools provides a lifetime warranty on the structure of your pool and spa to be free of leaks for as long as you own your pool.  

How long does it take to build a pool?

Build times vary depending upon the complexity of the job and weather during your build. Most pool / spa builds take about 60-90 days on average. Projects that require engineering or containing structures can take longer. Your builder should provide an estimated timeline when you sign a contract.

How soon can you start my project?

From the time you sign a contract allow for at least 30 days for HOA approval if required before we can begin. City jobs can also add on time at the front end due to permitting reviews and during the process for inspections required at certain phases of construction. 

My pump is not working?

Did you check your breaker panel in your Aqualink (pool control panel at equipment) to see if the breaker was tripped? (the breaker labeled Filter and if it is tripped it will be hung up in the middle position).

If yes push the breaker completely into the off position, then push back into the on position. Ensure the pump is turned on, on the system.

Did the pump turn on?

If yes the issue was only a tripped breaker
If no, call out a technician to diagnose the issue

I am getting air bubbles in my pool

Is your water level in the pool at the full level? (a full level is halfway up the skimmer mouth or right below the overflow grate)

If your pool water level is low this will cause the system to pull in air and push it through the system and into the pool.

If yes, are your skimmer doors (or weir doors) being pulled down into the skimmer with the flow of the water?

If either one of the skimmer doors are not being pulled into the skimmer with the flow of water reach int the skimmer mouth and push the doors down. One of or both of these skimmer doors not being pulled down with the flow of water will cause large amounts of air in the system.

If air bubbles continue, turn off your pump, close your suction valves (skimmer 1, skimmer 2 and main drain), remove the pump lid and clear the o ring of any debris.

If the air bubbles continue call out a technician, you have an air leak in the system that needs to be located and repaired.

My spa is not spilling over.

Make sure that the filter pump is turned on, if the system is indicating that it is on and not running please refer to the troubleshooting steps for the pump not working.

If the pump is on, does the filter gauge on top of the main filter read any pressure?

If yes, there is a flow issue which may be that a filter clean is needed or a valve is not functioning correctly. Please call a technician to diagnose.

If no please refer to the pump not working in troubleshooting steps.

My heater is on and running but my spa is not heating Are you in spa mode?

If no, put the pool into spa mode in order to get the system circulating in the spa only, this will ensure that the spa will heat and not the pool.

If yes, is the spa still spilling over?

If yes, you have an actuator (automated valve) that is not functioning properly, call a technician out to diagnose.

My lights aren’t working

Is it one light or all lights that aren’t working?

If it is one light that is not working, call out a technician to diagnose, as you may have a bad bulb or fixture.

If it is all lights that aren’t working, check the GFCI plug receptacle on the side of the Aqualink (main pool control panel), as it may be tripped. Push the reset button down firmly and it will click when it is reset.

If it does not reset, call out a technician to diagnose.

If it does reset and lights still don’t work, call out a technician to diagnose.

The indicator light on my IAqualink App is yellow or red, or app is non responsive to my commands

Try logging completely out of the app. Don’t just close the app sign completely out of the app and log back in. You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

If this does not resolve the issue call out a technician to diagnose.


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