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Pool Service in The Woodlands, Spring & Montgomery

If you own a swimming pool in South East Texas, including The Woodlands, Spring, Montgomery, and across Greater Houston, you know how important it is to keep it in top condition for a safe, enjoyable swim, every time. At Backyard Paradise Luxury Pools, we provide comprehensive pool servicing that includes a full service of the entire system – including its equipment and machinery – along with the most suitable swimming pool repairs when required. If you are interested in pool cleaning, we also offer a variety of pool maintenance packages!

By having a swimming pool servicing plan in place, you can experience the full worth of your investment without having to worry about a thing – we’ve got it all covered. We only use top-quality products and equipment for reliable, long-lasting results. Our trained professionals are highly experienced in carrying out pool services, and will take care of all the necessary tasks to keep your pool functioning at its best.

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Pool service add-ons (available for additional charge)

  • Quarterly Filter cleaning program
  • One-time deep clean for customers that are not on a regular BP service program
  • Vacation services
  • Equipment repairs
  • New equipment installations and upgrades
  • Leak detection
  • Tile cleaning and bead blasting

Book Your Pool Service in The Woodlands, Spring & Montgomery, TX

When utilizing a swimming pool service with us, our team will carry out a thorough assessment of your pool, pinpointing any issues before they escalate to make sure everything runs smoothly. We can swiftly identify any signs you need a pool repair, and have everything we need to fix the problem to the highest industry standards, so you can get back to enjoying your pool as quickly as possible.

At Backyard Paradise Luxury Pools, we provide leading pool services to local customers across South East Texas, including The Woodlands, Spring, Montgomery, and across Greater Houston.

Don’t delay – give us a call today to find out how we can help you for a competitive price and no hidden costs.

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Frequently asked questions

My pump is not working?

Did you check your breaker panel in your Aqualink (pool control panel at equipment) to see if the breaker was tripped? (the breaker labeled Filter and if it is tripped it will be hung up in the middle position).

If yes push the breaker completely into the off position, then push back into the on position.  Ensure the pump is turned on, on the system.

Did the pump turn on?

If yes the issue was only a tripped breaker
If no, call out a technician to diagnose the issue

I am getting air bubbles in my pool

Is your water level in the pool at the full level? (a full level is halfway up the skimmer mouth or right below the overflow grate)

If your pool water level is low this will cause the system to pull in air and push it through the system and into the pool.

If yes, are your skimmer doors (or weir doors) being pulled down into the skimmer with the flow of the water?

If either one of the skimmer doors are not being pulled into the skimmer with the flow of water reach int the skimmer mouth and push the doors down.  One of or both of these skimmer doors not being pulled down with the flow of water will cause large amounts of air in the system.

If air bubbles continue, turn off your pump, close your suction valves (skimmer 1, skimmer 2 and main drain), remove the pump lid and clear the o ring of any debris.

If the air bubbles continue call out a technician, you have an air leak in the system that needs to be located and repaired.

My spa is not spilling over.

Make sure that the filter pump is turned on, if the system is indicating that it is on and not running please refer to the troubleshooting steps for the pump not working.

If the pump is on, does the filter gauge on top of the main filter read any pressure?

If yes, there is a flow issue which may be that a filter clean is needed or a valve is not functioning correctly.  Please call a technician to diagnose.

If no please refer to the pump not working in troubleshooting steps.

My heater is on and running but my spa is not heating Are you in spa mode?

If no, put the pool into spa mode in order to get the system circulating in the spa only, this will ensure that the spa will heat and not the pool.

If yes, is the spa still spilling over?

If yes, you have an actuator (automated valve) that is not functioning properly, call a technician out to diagnose.

My lights aren’t working

Is it one light or all lights that aren’t working?

If it is one light that is not working, call out a technician to diagnose, as you may have a bad bulb or fixture.

If it is all lights that aren’t working, check the GFCI plug receptacle on the side of the Aqualink (main pool control panel), as it may be tripped.  Push the reset button down firmly and it will click when it is reset.

If it does not reset, call out a technician to diagnose.

If it does reset and lights still don’t work, call out a technician to diagnose.

The indicator light on my IAqualink App is yellow or red, or app is non responsive to my commands

Try logging completely out of the app.  Don’t just close the app sign completely out of the app and log back in.  You can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

If this does not resolve the issue call out a technician to diagnose.

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