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A Deep Dive Into Pool Permits

Having a new swimming pool built in your backyard is always an exciting experience.

Images of pool parties, relaxing by your pool, and spending time making memories with loved ones are likely to spring to mind, but before you get to this stage of enjoyment, it’s likely that you’ll first need to apply for a pool permit. 

A pool permit is a type of building permit that will give permission for a pool to be built on your property.                  

In this article, the team here at Backyard Paradise Luxury Pools will take a deep dive into pool permits, outlining everything you need to know about them.          

Do I need a pool permit?

Pool permits are required in most areas of the United States. There are some exceptions in rural areas, some suburbs, and smaller cities, but for the most part, a pool permit is always going to be required.

It’s worth noting that as well as new pool builds, if you’re looking to make significant changes to your pool as part of the pool remodeling process, you may also need a pool permit.

Why are pool permits important?

While they may seem like an additional irritation when you’re looking forward to enjoying your new pool, pool permits actually serve an incredibly important purpose.

Just like building permits, pool permits ensure that your pool build will meet all of the necessary engineering and construction standards. They will make sure that your pool is not going to crack or cause any electrical hazards. They’ll also make sure that a pool has structural integrity and is being built in a safe location.

Alongside pool plans, a permit will put everyone on the same page and ensure quality, professional work is being carried out by everyone working on the project.

Pool permit requirements are set by the International Building Code, giving you peace of mind that the highest quality of work is being conducted at all times.

While they might occasionally cause delays to projects, it’s essential to have one in place as they ensure your finished pool is safe for everyone to enjoy.  

What are the requirements of a pool permit?

The requirements of a pool permit differ from project to project. 

Even projects that are in the same area may have different permit requirements depending on the specifics of the build. 

However, every pool permit will need a plot plan to be conducted. 

Plot plans typically include:

  • Information on pool structure 
  • The proposed dimensions for the pool
  • Steel schedule 
  • Concrete thickness, compressive strength, reinforcing steel size, and frequency
  • Pool plumbing
  • Electrical information 

Some plot plans will also require a grading plan that includes information on the pool’s elevation, slopes, and contours. 

How do I get a pool permit?

Pool permits are issued through your local county or city building departments. The majority of agencies can provide you with a ‘permit pack’ that will guide you through the process if you’re applying for one yourself.

However, most reputable pool builders will take care of permits on your behalf so you don’t have to worry about a thing.    

As mentioned above, a plot plan will normally be required as part of the pool permit application process. 

how do i get a pool permit

How quickly can I get a pool permit?

The speed at which a pool permit will be awarded can differ significantly depending on your local city or county agency.

Some agencies offer extremely quick turnarounds, and in some cases, your permit can even be approved within a day or two. 

However, other agencies work much slower and can take months to handle even a routine pool permit. 

It’s also worth bearing in mind that during the spring and summer months, when the pool building industry is busier, delays in processing pool permits are more likely to occur.     

What if I don’t have a pool permit?

The consequences of not having a pool permit in place when required must not be overlooked.

In addition to facing hefty fines, your project can become delayed indefinitely, and completed builds might even be ripped out. 

While the permit process may seem frustrating at times, you should never cut corners. If your pool builder ever suggests not getting one, you must question this and consider using a different company. 

A pool permit will give you peace of mind that your build meets all of the necessary regulations and will keep everyone who uses it safe.

The team here at Backyard Paradise Luxury Pools can assist when it comes to pool permits, and we can take care of the entire process when handling your new pool. Operating across Southeast Texas, including Montgomery, Spring, The Woodlands, and throughout Greater Houston, we create customized pools and spas that are unique to each of our customers. To find out more, get in touch with our team today. 

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